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Our guides are hand-picked for not only their vast knowledge of their subject, but for their own individual characters that make a journey with them a highly entertaining and utterly memorable experience.

John Grundy

Historian and broadcaster John Grundy was born in the West but has lived in the East for the past 45 years. To people in the North East he needs little introduction as he has been the face – and the voice - behind many radio and television productions and a number of CDs.

In the late 1980s he worked for the Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission before beginning a more widely-recognised career as an architecture writer and television presenter.

His knowledge of famous and obscure buildings in the region is boundless and so is his energy. Here, he shares his passion for the landscape and takes the listener along some of the stunning routes which perfectly illustrate the variety of scenery forged by nature, industry and the buildings, both secular and religious, which define the region.

Grundy's Wonders was a Tyne Tees Television architecture programme presented by John Grundy and produced by Steve Robins, which began in 2000.

On the programme, John explored buildings in north-east England, as well as Cumbria and Yorkshire. Each programme had a particular theme or type of building, and John named his favourite piece of architecture (on the week's theme) his "Grundy's Wonder", and gave a "Big Boot" to things he disliked.

He presented the programme in the same enthusiastic way as he does on our CDs, and covered many aspects of the northern English region's history.

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