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CD sales for 2020

Monday 27th January 2020

From 1st February 2020 we have a special offer on our drive guides to Northumberland CDs if you buy online.

You buy one and wish you hahd bought the other two! We can help you do that...Whether you're local or a visitor to the county- if you buy three for the price of two you have Northumberland covered!

Our special offer for 2020 is 20.00 for all three CDs - normally 14.99, but from 1 February 2020, each CD is 10.00.

Buy the 3 routes together for 20.00 - a saving of 10.00!!!

Please add 3.50 for postage and packing.

Thank you.

Let John Grundy and me, Lesley Gosling, creator of WSA, introduce you to a 'new' Northumberland - always there - but did you REALLY know about it!??

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