Big Skies and Barbarians

from Corbridge up the North Tyne Valley

Big Skies and Barbarians CD Cover

Where would you find half naked women chanting a wild measure while the men, wielding dirks, were dancing a war dance? Or find a farm with a fragrant name, with a listed Long Drop toilet perched 40 feet above a gorge - hard luck if you were walking underneath!

90% of job applications before the 1500s put pillaging as a key skill!

A group of men from the Noble family stole a flock of sheep from the Armstrongs across the border in Scotland. When they got home they discovered that the sheep were infected with scab, so they rode back to Scotland, hanged 7 people and left a note telling the Armstrongs to make sure their sheep werent scabby in future...

Where else could all this happen, but in the North Tyne valley.

Big Skies and Barbarians - Map

Preview a selection from the track list:

  1. Introduction
  2. Play preview clipPlay preview clipCorbridge to the Errington Arms
  3. The Errington Arms to Heavenfield
  4. Heavenfield to Simonburn
  5. Play preview clipPlay preview clipSimonburn to Ward Lane
  6. Ward Lane to Stonehaugh
  7. Stonehaugh to Hetherington
  8. Hetherington to Dunterley
  9. Dunterley to Snabdaugh
  10. Play preview clipPlay preview clipSnabdaugh to Kielder Water
  11. Kielder Water to Falstone
  12. Falstone to Lanehead
  13. Lanehead to Black Middens
  14. Black Middens to A68
  15. Play preview clipPlay preview clipA68 to Bellingham

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