The Coast, the Country and the Cattle Trail

from Alnwick to Warkworth - the scenic route around the coastline

The Coast, the Country and the Cattle Trail CD Cover

Let us accompany you on a wonderful tour of Northumberland's fascinating heritage, with a distinct bias towards some of it's most spectacular castles.

It's a little known fact that Northumberland actually boasts more castles and fortified houses than any other English county. John Grundy introduces you to some of the county's most spectacular castles and uncovers some of the lesser known facts about these iconic buildings.

Did you know for example, that Kevin Costner rode through the archway at Hulne Park in Alnwick in the movie, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves despite the archway only dating back to the 1770s'. Well, it certainly looks the part! And just what is in that little shed next to the ancient church at Old Bewick...?

The Coast, the Country and the Cattle Trail - Map

Preview a selection from the track list:

  1. Alnwick to Eglingham
  2. Play preview clipPlay preview clipEglingham to Old Bewick
  3. Old Bewick to Chillingham
  4. Chillingham Village
  5. Chillingham to Chatton
  6. Chatton to Holburn Grange
  7. Holburn Grange to B6353
  8. Play preview clipPlay preview clipB6353 to Beal and Holy Island Causeway
  9. Holy Island
  10. Holy Island to Belford
  11. The A1 to Bamburgh
  12. Bamburgh to Seahouses
  13. Play preview clipPlay preview clipSeahouses to Beadnell
  14. Beadnell to Low Newton
  15. Low Newton-by-the-sea to Embleton
  16. Embleton to Craster
  17. Craster to Howick
  18. Howick to Alnmouth
  19. Play preview clipPlay preview clipHipsburn to Warkworth

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