The Corn Road from Hexham to Alnmouth

the 18th Century Newcastle Bypass

The Corn Road from Hexham to Alnmouth CD Cover

A remarkable journey full of fascinating things to see that winds its way from Hexham to the pretty seaside village of Alnmouth on the historic Corn Road.

Crossing the Roman Wall, passing historic country houses and grand estates and dropping by character-filled villages, it's a journey that will inspire and delight many times over.

As your guide John Grundy says: "You could drive it no bother in about an hour and a half but you would, of course, be a twit to do so because that way you would miss so much of pleasure and interest."

Discover hidden facts about some of the region's most famous sights as well as some real gems of hidden history that the guidebooks simply miss entirely.

The Corn Road from Hexham to Alnmouth - Map

Preview a selection from the track list:

  1. Introduction
  2. Play preview clipPlay preview clipAcomb to Brunton Crossroads
  3. Brunton Crossroads to Chollerton
  4. Chollerton to A68
  5. Colwell to Thockrington
  6. Bavington to Kirkharle
  7. Kirkharle to Wallington
  8. Play preview clipPlay preview clipCambo
  9. Cambo to Rothley Lakes
  10. Rothley to Lordenshaw
  11. Lordenshaw
  12. Lordenshaw to Great Tosson
  13. Play preview clipPlay preview clipGreat Tosson to Rothbury
  14. Rothbury to Cragside
  15. Cragside to A697
  16. A697 to Edlingham
  17. Corbys Crag
  18. Corbys Crag to Alnwick
  19. Play preview clipPlay preview clipAlnwick to Alnmouth
  20. Alnmouth

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